About Us

​We offer exceptional prices with free estimates for all tree care and tree cutting services. Our Franklin Tree Service has been helping residential and business/commercial customers with all their tree service needs for years with first-class workmanship. Use our affordable and professional tree service because we understand how trees grows, and how to help keep them living longer. When it comes to dangerous or dead tree removal services, our arborist crews are proficient, knowledgeable and safe. We work with all the newest and safest equipment the industry has to offer professional tree companies. Let us give you a FREE visual tree assessment and tree quote today for all your arborist services!

True, Total Tree Care

Tree cutting service should not be trusted to just anyone who has used a chainsaw before or who has seen a tree cut down. Our Franklin Tree Service is licensed and extremely well experienced in trimming and dangerous removals. We specialize in these tree types: Pine, Elm, Maple, Oak, Tala, Hack Berry, Pecan, Sweet Gum, Bradford Pear, Crate Myrtle, Willow, Live Oak, Water Oak, Pin Oak, Red Oak, Willow Oak, White Oak, Black Oak, Birch, Bay Leaf, Cedar, Cypress, Spruce and Cherry trees. There is no type of tree in Tenneessee or The United States Of America we can't properly remove, trim, care or enhance with our arborist services.​